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Brazillian Bombshell

Brazillian Bombshell 40 Shot Barrage(30mm - Straight format) Duration: 1min 00sec(Approx) Effects: Red peony, titanium silver chrysanthemum, red coconut crackling, blue peony crackling, blue stars, silver fish, green glitter, brocade crown. Cat 3 Firework (1.4G) - 25m Viewing Distance
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Quantum Power

Quantum Power 96 Shot Barrage(25mm - Quad Burst, Straight format) Duration: 1min 30secs(Approx) Effects: Red and white glitter, purple and green glitter, brocade crown with green glitter pistil, green and white glitter, silver coconut with crackling stars, brocade crown, brocade crown chrysanthemum burst. Cat 3 Firework (1.4G) - 25m Viewing Distance
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Hercules 107 shots lasting 57 seconds is one of the best selling barrages of all time. Simply wow!!!!...Mixed up straight shots V's and fanned effects fill the sky for a fast paced professional feel. Everyone LOVES Hercules!
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Grand Slam

** PRE ORDER TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT** Want something very special? THE NEW Grand Slam Display Kit gives a whopping 240 seconds of pure firework joy! Every one of the 306 Shots will bring in the oooh's and ahhhh's.Superbly simple in design you just link the fuses light number one and this kit will take care of the rest!
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